Why we're quitting Stripe

08 Jan 2015 news

Are you surprised by the title of this post? Of course you are, everybody loves Stripe and we are no exception. Stripe continues to set the standard in terms of developer-friendly API. And BTW, big thanks to John Collison for supporting us since our start !

We are quitting Stripe because Wit.ai is now free for all developers. This is a consequence of Wit.ai joining Facebook.

You can now create private instances or make open instances private for free. Go to the Settings tab of your instance to change it from private to open or vice versa.

So if private instances are free, why would you bother to create open instances? We believe that like open source code, open instances will benefit from the community: as other developers fork and improve your instance, future features will give you an opportunity to merge improvements back to your original instance. We are actively working on this, so stay tuned!

Team Wit