Create a Wit-ted mobile app and win a APIcon all-access pass!

16 May 2014 community, contest

Today, we are happy to launch our first contest. You can win an APIcon All-Access Pass worth $495. APIcon will be held in San Francisco on May 27-29, 2014 and we would love to invite you or one of your friends to share some time with us there.


The rules are really simple:

  • Create a voice-powered iOS or Android app (you can also reuse an existing app and add a voice interface to it)
  • Show us the result by May 25th. Send video links, TestFlight invites or APKs to

We know the time frame is really short, and we don’t expect pixel-perfect apps. The winning app will be a original proof of concept of how voice can add value to the user experience.

If you need any help with the Wit side of your app, we’ll provide high-priority support! We’re always happy to give you a hand, never hesitate to contact us.

Good luck!

Team Wit

API Versioning soon mandatory

09 May 2014 versioning, api

Since we first published our API six months ago, we have received a lot of good feedback from the community. Until now we were able to improve the API with no breaking change. In order to pave the way for major enhancements (read: potentially backwards-incompatible API changes), we decided to make a version parameter mandatory for all API calls starting June 1st, 2014

Like with the Foursquare API, you’ll need to provide a version parameter either in the URL (v=YYYYMMDD) or in the headers (Accept: application/vnd.wit.YYYYMMDD). For instance, GET guarantees you that any change that may have occurred after April 1st, 2014 won’t impact you.

You should update your client code or get the latest version of our SDKs in order to add the v parameter to your requests. Starting June 1st, requests that do not include a v parameter will be rejected with status 400.

If you want to know more, you can check our API documentation. And as always if you have any concern or feedback, please contact us.

Team Wit

Viva el Español!

05 May 2014 new, feature, community

Dear Spanish-speaking friends and users from Mexico, Spain, Latin America, and the rest of the world: you can now build Spanish-language speech interfaces for your apps and devices on!

When you create a new instance, you can choose es as language:

image alt text

You may notice that our coverage in terms of built-in entities (like wit/datetime) is not complete yet. We’ll work on built-in entities according to the priorities you set. If you are a Spanish-language speaker and would like to give us a hand, we want to hear from you!

We would love to feature a nice Spanish-language instance soon, so if you are building one, let us know.

We now support English, Spanish and French. More languages coming soon ‐ stay tuned!

Team Wit


28 Apr 2014 hackathon, community

This weekend, we were happy to join Hackendo, the SF Wearable and IoT hackathon.

We were glad to meet and spend time with the hackers and the other sponsors (LeapMotion, Automatic, Emotiv and Qualcomm amongst them)

Special kudos to 2 teams.


They ranked 2nd with their app. Their project is about embedding rich emotional signals to text messages via audio and wearable sensors.

ThinkSMS team

Spaceout App

Their app aims at helping users to recover from spacing out in a conversation.

This project uses an Emotiv EPOC to detect when a user is daydreaming and an Android phone to constantly record ambient audio. If the user is spacing out, an alert is flashed on the user’s phone and the recorded audio is streamed to the Wit API for audio-to-text translation. This text is then displayed to the user on their phone (or even better, on a Google Glass-style heads-up display) so the user can catch up on what they missed while daydreaming.

Spaceout team

If you hear about any hackathon where can help, drop us a line here

Team Wit

Explore Explore

17 Apr 2014 new, feature, community

In our journey towards building better voice interfaces together, we are happy to release our first version of the Explore page.

Starting today, you can explore other developers’ public instances, and your open instances will become explorable as well.

You can access the Explore page from the top menu. In the coming weeks, it will become the go-to page to discover trending and featured instances as well as looking for a specific one.

image alt text

With this first version, you will find 4 featured instances. You can now also share with your friends the URL of your instance ( of Things for example) or your profile ( so that they can check out your awesome work!

Want to be featured? Contact us

Team Wit